We are your health bank. Open a medical e-locker with us, fill it with your health records. Access it from anywhere, anytime. Start taking control of your health. E-Records are your answer to lost prescriptions and test results. A complete history is half the diagnosis. We will clinically organize your history in order to monitor your health better.

The Beginning

  • An understanding of you so far in your life.
  • Accumulation of your medical history.
  • Clinically present your history with easy access anywhere.

The Accumulation

  • Personalized health monitoring.

The Understanding

  • We use our patented health monitoring tools to anticipate the future more accurately.

The Summation

  • Continuous communication between our clients and the cream of the medical industry.

Medical records come in many shapes and sizes these days. To make it simple, a medical record can be termed as any communication between the physician and you. A list, by no means complete, includes :

  • Prescriptions.
  • Hospital admission details.
  • Hospital OPD diagnosis sheets.
  • Test results, on paper, film, disc etc.
  • Out Patient records from doctors.
  • Medical bills ( for the purpose of filling in gaps in the history )

Efficient diagnosis comes from a combination of three things, the Doctor and the Institution, Diagnostic Test results and a good history

Your Caremantra tells your medical story. We tell it because we want to keep you healthy.

Caremantras are designed to take your medical records, construct a portable medical locker for you and give you the key. Add to it as many times as you like. Each account is highly personalized.

You can access your Caremantra to view records from your computer at home, your laptop while travelling or even on your phone if it has browsing capabilities.

Two things we are serious about and will never compromise on. The quality of service we provide and the importance of confidentiality. Health Records contain highly personal information. Do not reveal it to anyone other than your HP’s and our staff.

Your original records will be back with you within a week. After this period your E-records follow you wherever you are. With the capacity to print from your E-locker as well, you now have a complete hard copy backup of all your records.

One week after that you will receive your Carecard along with the complete welcome package. Use us in good health.

Maintaining health is not a one time thing, your health is in your hands, use us to better hold your future.