About Us
Dr. Gaurav Dubey :

an Ophthalmologist trained at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, has always believed in Healthcare as an amalgamation of many components rather than just pure treatment.
The modes of Healthcare delivery are undergoing a paradigm shift and Caremantras aim to deliver them to your finger-tips. Dr.Dubey@caremantra.com

Arjun Shankar :

Practiced medicine for three years in the early 2000’s, then deviated to Canada where he entered into tertiary medical services, working at MDS Diagnostics ( Now Lifelabs ) for close to six years. During this period of time he gained invaluable insight into the back stage world of medicine. That insight, combined with his years of studies at N.K.P. Salve Institute of Medical Sciences, Nagpur has helped him develop the fundamental basics of Caremantra. His vision is a better standard of healthcare for all. His personal mantra is that Healthcare technology may have drastically improved in the last thirty years, however Healthcare management and patient organization lags far behind.

Regenesis Technologies

Regenesis Technologies and Caremantra is a conscious attempt to re-connect the patient with the Healthcare Establishment, and encourage a much more pro-active level of monitoring for your health.
Maintaining health is not a one time thing, your health is in your hands, use us to better hold your future.