1) What is an E-Record?

- An E-Record is an electronically presented version of the clients health records. All originals are scanned and uploaded, a clinical summary of the patients health history is added. This forms the basis of the Analysis and monitoring streams.

2) What is a Clinical Summary?

- For a sample clinical summary, go here.

- A clinical summary is the patient history up until now presented in concise medical language. This medical history will be easily understood by doctors.

3) Why is a Clinical Summary useful?

  • a) When was your last Tetanus vaccination?
  • b) What is your blood group?
  • c) What is your family history?
  • d) What happened to you, when did it happen, and how was it managed?
  • e) What medicines do you respond to?
  • f) What is the dosage variation of these medicines over time?

4) Will Regenesis diagnose a condition?

- No, we will never diagnose a condition, nor prescribe licensed medication electronically.

5) What happens if I have lost part of my paper records?

- Clients with lost records will be given our Record retrieval protocol. If after this those records are not complete, then the inconsistency will be noted in the summary, and all possible future analysis will start when records are consistent.

- Lost records can be retrieved and updated anytime.

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